Welcome to the Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Research

Our division conducts research to find solutions to the most important health and healthcare problems facing our country. How do we help patients understand their medical problems and how to care for themselves better? How can we help people with chronic diseases live longer, healthier, more active lives? How can we use health information technology to make medical care safer? How can we overcome the barriers to care that many patients face, such as poverty, low literacy, and language barriers? How can we work with communities to improve health behaviors and population health?

Please take the time to learn more about our investigators. You can search by research themes and clinical topics to explore who is working in each area and the projects we have underway. You can also find resources we have developed to conduct research or to improve patient care, such as our award-winning diabetes education materials and tools from our outreach program to improve colorectal cancer screening. Finally, we have listed opportunities for those who are looking for a chance to participate in this exciting research.

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