Preventive Services

Clinical preventive services include things like cancer screening, immunizations, medications, screening for osteoporosis, and counseling to promote healthy behaviors.  These medical services are a critically important part of primary care practice.  But despite their importance, ensuring that all patients get needed preventive care is challenging.  Investigators in our division are working to identify interventions to ensure optimal care, including the use of electronic health records, health information technology that connects patients and their health care team, and communication tools that doctors and nurses can use to explain the importance of prevention.   Thus, while many of us conduct research in specific areas of prevention, such as improving vaccination among the elderly or colon cancer screening among Latinos, we also look at the prevention globally to develop and test methods to deliver the comprehensive, personalized set of preventive services that people need.



Diabetes Link was created by Northwestern University, Northwestern Memorial Hospital and community partners for adult patients with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes who need to lose weight. It was a FREE telephone service that helps patients find and use community resources, like exercise classes, gyms and healthy cooking classes.

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