EHR-based Health Literacy Strategy to Promote Medication Therapy Management (NAMES)

6/8/2011 to 3/31/2016
National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Nursing Research R01 NR012745

About this Project


Do you know the NAMES of your medications?

Many patients with chronic disease have difficulty performing routine medication management tasks, particularly individuals with limited literacy, and this can cause dangerous medication errors and jeopardize treatment efficacy. The overall study objective is to rigorously evaluate two primary care-based medication therapy management strategies—one using a nurse educator and one without—that leverage an electronic health record to promote patient understanding of how to use medications, reduce medication discrepancies, improve adherence and improve disease control among hypertensive diabetic patients at safety net clinics. The EHR-based tools used here could be widely disseminated to other sites that use commercial EHRs, and the results of the nurse-led intervention will directly inform clinic care team redesign to promote safe and effective medication use.

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