Racial and Ethnic Minorities and the Disproportionate Burden of Type 2 Diabetes

9/1/2016 to 9/30/2018
Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics

About this Project


Racial and ethnic minorities shoulder a disproportionate burden of type 2 diabetes, in part due to the poor performance of tools used to assess diabetes risk in these groups. Our research team proposes to analyze data from a large population of minority-predominant community health center patients to improve diabetes risk assessment and compare the effectiveness of diabetes screening strategies based on alternate risk assessments. The findings from this study will help optimize the performance of diabetes screening strategies to better identify high-risk individuals, especially racial and ethnic minorities, which may lead to improvements in both population health and health equity. Our multidisciplinary team has extensive expertise in the content areas and methods needed to successfully conduct the proposed secondary data analysis, and then investigate the application of study findings in practice. This study is timely in its examination of new diabetes screening criteria; novel in its inclusion of a large, minority-predominant patient sample; and significant in its potential to maximize both population health and health equity in diabetes

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor